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      Xi Jiu · cellar 1988 (2020) Huanxin listing conference and customer go

      Tuoyuan Xinsi media | Xi Jiu · cellar 1988 (2020) Guangzhou Huanxin listing conference and customer golden autumn Association

      Time: October 23, 2020

      Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, Guangzhou

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      Four seasons alternate, autumn is thick! On the evening of October 23, the "Xi Jiu · cellar 1988 (2020) Guangzhou Huanxin listing conference and customer golden autumn Association" jointly held by Yuebei District of Guizhou Xijiu and Guangzhou maoxiangyuan company was held in Guangzhou four seasons hotel!

      Xijiu is located at the Bank of Chishui River, the core production area of Maotai flavor liquor in the world. Since its establishment in 1952, Xijiu company has always adhered to the core values of "respecting the road, doing business, respecting business and loving others", adhering to the four bottom lines of "development, ecology, safety and quality". It has produced mellow and elegant high-quality sauce wine with traditional solid state fermentation technology.

      Since its establishment 17 years ago, Guangzhou maoxiangyuan Co., Ltd. has been working with Xi Jiu all the way. It has gradually developed with the pace of Xi Jiu, and has grown into a professional liquor operator with certain influence in Guizhou. Along the way, we ushered in a new era in 1988. It is full of the ingenuity of Xi wine company and the expectations of consumers. It can be expected that the new edition of 1988 will inherit the temperature of the years and continue to write the glory of sauce wine.

      On October 23, Guizhou Xijiu Sales Co., Ltd., together with Guangzhou maoxiangyuan Trading Co., Ltd., Yuxing liquor industry and distributors, core alliance merchants and partners of Guangzhou Panyu District, gathered together to witness the important historical moment of Xi Jiu · cellar 1988 Guangzhou Huanxin listing press conference.

      Just this month, "Xi Jiu · cellar 1988" was launched to the market. New upgrade of "Xi Jiu · cellar 1988", YaHei and huaxiajin have more prominent color structure, more perfect details, especially dignified, simple, noble and elegant, and the quality is comprehensively improved: in the name of national quality award, the wine quality is redefined, with longer wine age, fuller wine body, more mellow taste and longer aftertaste. This is not only the outstanding embodiment of the current Xi Jiu brewing level, but also represents the main connotation of Xi Jiu core culture. In the future, we hope that through Xi Jiu · cellar 1988, consumers will have a more pleasant high-end consumption experience.

      The more we get together, the more grateful we are for the hard work at this moment. We can enjoy the free breathing and unrestrained gathering because there is a special crowd behind us, which has held up a whole day for us. As a state-owned enterprise, Xi liquor company has demonstrated its responsibility in many aspects, and has been in the same boat with the people of the whole country to overcome the difficulties!

      Xi Jiu pays homage to the most beautiful rebel and shows the responsibility of state-owned enterprises.

      Xijiu · cellar 1988, with its thick, simple, elegant atmosphere, created a wonderful legend. Salute the glory and open up the future, which is the biggest significance of Xi Jiu · cellar 1988 (2020) to be launched.

      I believe that the majority of sauce wine enthusiasts will be able to experience history, experience culture and find resonance from Xijiu cellar 1988!

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