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      Planning and implementation of Tuoyuan activity - Digital driven, intelligent fu

      Planning and implementation of Tuoyuan activity - Digital driven, intelligent future

      Time: November 25, 2020

      Venue: Shanghai Expo creative show

      Service content: Shanghai activity plan planning, visual design, implementation coordination, interactive communication



      The past 2020 will be a special year for everyone. At the beginning of the year, a sudden outbreak of the new epidemic brought the whole country to a standstill and forced economic development to press the "pause button". However, the country and the people did not flinch from it. Instead, they made concerted efforts to fight the epidemic among the whole people. Return to work and production, in full swing, in full swing. "Snatch back the lost time" has become the most consistent voice and rhythm in China. Soon, people saw the dawn of victory. With the gradual elimination of the risk of epidemic situation, all walks of life have returned to the normal track. The field of engineering construction has also experienced the same process, from forced dormancy to recovery, and then to prosperity.

      The biennial BMW Shanghai exhibition is a global event for engineering machinery. As the global leader of construction machinery and the largest exhibitor of BMW Shanghai, Sany Heavy Industry has always been the star of this feast, and has attracted the attention of the industry, media and the public.

      Taking the opportunity of BMW Shanghai, on November 25, 2020, the annual "digital drive, intelligent future" ceremony of Sany pumping business department was held here. We sincerely invite the most distinguished customers and agent partners from all over the country to participate in the grand event together. "Friends come from afar", we meet in Shanghai, concrete enjoy the joy and glory.

      Tuoyuan's activity planning will create a starry night for the Sany annual grand ceremony tonight. Customers and friends who come to the scene will step on our red carpet of Xingguang Avenue and make their appearance one by one to welcome our attention ceremony and feel honored.

      This evening's feast is not only accompanied by fine wine, food, singing and dancing, but also specially invited mysterious guests and celebrities to the scene.

      Chen Sisi, a soprano, Wang Qi, a talented musician, and Tu Honggang, a classical Chinese singer

      It also has the special sponsorship of Guizhou Xijiu.


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