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      Planning and implementation of overseas activities dare to create and create buf

      Planning and implementation of overseas activities dare to create and create buff

      Time: December 2-3, 2019

      Venue: OCT Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen

      Service content: overseas activity scheme planning, visual design, implementation coordination, interactive communication

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      OCT Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen, December 2-3, 2020. Tuoyuan Xinsi planning company dares to create a lively buff - China business experience creation Festival, breaking the Convention together with new players to create an experience business with interesting souls. "Innovation" in business is just like activation factors. In the blood of business people, there are active factors in their blood. They are constantly exploring the unlimited creative idea and innovation power. Courage is a kind of courage, and creation is a kind of ability. The innovation of Chinese commerce has never stopped, creating scenes, creating contents and creating experiences You never know which of these ideas represents the future.

      Dare, is a kind of courage, creation is a kind of ability; dare to think, dare to create, dare to toss, China's business innovation never stops! In 2020, various experiences, technologies and trends buffs will enable the commercial real estate industry and stimulate the unlimited imagination and creativity of the commercial real estate industry, and "manufacturing" will become the core development label of commercial real estate in 2020. Today, let's talk about the most interesting topics and create the most fun experience business! --Tuoyuan creative planning company


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