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      golden flag Award - Gold Award for public relations activities"

      "Drinking wine on mid autumn night" won the "2020 golden flag Award - Gold Award for public relations activities"

      On November 27, the Summit Forum on upward brand and sustainable growth and the golden flag award ceremony of 2020, hosted by China public relations network, opened in Beijing Great Wall Hotel. This day has also become the leading role of communicators. On this day, these behind the scenes advertising planning teams that escort the development of enterprises and brands have gained their own glory and pride. Especially in such a special year as 2020, they have overcome many difficulties and difficulties, showing that they are striving for survival in dangerous situations and facing the sun in difficult places. The worse the environment is, the more upward they will be Growth toughness.

      At the event, more than 50000 cases were passed, and after the evaluation of the judges, the final winners were all influential public relations communication cases in China. The theme marketing case of Xi liquor company, which was planned and implemented by Guangzhou Tuoyuan Xinsi Media Co., Ltd., won the "2020 golden flag Award - Gold Award for public relations activities".

      The golden flag award selection is the top professional activity in China's public relations field, aiming to show excellent business communication cases.

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