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      Press conference in Los Angeles - launch of new products of vaporesso in USA 

      Towinevent has been serving the implementation of overseas marketing activities of Chinese enterprises in recent years.

      Because of the epidemic situation, such activities have declined due to the influence of different policies of various countries.

      Recently, in Los Angeles, the United States, which has fully liberalized the epidemic policy, mcwell, a world-famous e-cigarette enterprise, held a successful press conference with its new products in Los Angeles, the United States.

      Tuoyuan Xinsi International Exhibition Communication provides the whole process service for the implementation of this project

      Location: Sunset Road, Los Angeles, USA

      Time: 16:00-21:00 PM, November 19, 2021

      Service content: site recommendation and docking, scheme planning and design, landing implementation, process planning and banquet service

      Tuoyuan Xinsi media provides one-stop full case service for Chinese enterprises.

      In the beautiful sunset Avenue in Los Angeles, sunset room and mcwell made an amazing appearance with the electronic cigarette product vaporseso. We created a space scene full of sense of science and technology and future for the event. In the space of stars and shadows, all kinds of stars gather in space-time, as if we were in a future space-time. In such an immersive press conference, guests talk and laugh, enjoy delicious food, and enjoy the pleasure brought by technology

      Founded in 2006, vaporesso, a subsidiary of smoore, is meticulous, well-made, low-key and luxurious from the host to the atomizer, meeting the needs of all kinds of e-cigarette players.

      Instead of simply serving, they create services. Vaporesso intends to refine the core of the vapor industry to produce excellent products. The first task of vaporesso is to discover and know what your needs are and meet them accordingly.

      The key words of our service are: American event company, American Conference Service Company, American event planning and implementation, American Conference company

      Layout renderings of the activity site

      Introduction to the activity site

      Located in the heart of Hollywood, sunset hall is an ideal place for all kinds of activities, including weddings, corporate and entertainment activities, as well as premiere parties. Designed for events, the venue is a space that can be easily transformed into a customer vision or goal

      It can be used for the internal design of turnkey activities. Contemporary features, such as the main bar, have a unique style, polished and simple feeling, while the venue still boasts its original wooden bow and truss ceiling. The glass and steel wall separating the terrace from the main room allows beautiful natural light to enter the room and also creates an overall space openness. There are plush carpets, velvet Navy furniture, white marble and Gold Accent watches. All furniture is empty, modular and easy to move, so customers can customize this space to suit their preferences.

      The venue also includes a built-in DJ booth for audience viewing performance, LED lighting and led walls, and line array sound system. For activity queries or information, please contact towinevent.com



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