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      UK Large conference company丨2021 London Design Festival

      Desigh London made its debut during the 2021 London Design Festival from September 22 to 25, 2021, showing all exhibitors a selection of contract interior design brands, lighting and cutting-edge furniture, as well as cooperation with emerging and well-known designers. Through a series of exhibitions, special activities and outdoor installations, this London Design Festival once again changed the cultural institutions, blocks and landmarks of the capital. With the continued reopening of London, these activities brought everyone together. If there are any highlights of this year's London Design Festival, let overseas reliable large-scale event companies take you to understand!


      Since its establishment in 2003, the London Design Festival has attracted many world leading educators, practitioners and design thinkers, and focused the creative talents of the city, which is of great help to consolidate London's reputation as the design capital of the world.


      From east to west and from north to south, the design area is a key part of the design festival. Each district has its own unique personality, reflects the local community, and allows tourists to explore activities within a short walk. This year's Design Festival set up a design area. They are the king's cross design area, shoreswitch design triangle, Islington design area, Mayfair design area and Clerkenwell design area, the William Morris design line that successfully appeared and returned last year, as well as the royal park design area, South Warwick design area and Greenwich Peninsula design area newly launched this year.


      This is the information about this year's London Design Festival brought by the UK's well-known event planning company. Do you know?


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