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      abroad Event site planning company丨CEATEC JAPAN 2019

      As an important publishing platform of electronic information in the world, Japan high paid Technology Expo, fully known as combined exhibition of advanced technology (hereinafter referred to as CEATEC), has been developing for more than ten years with the joint efforts of Japan personal computer software association (jpsa), Japan Electronic Information Technology Industry Association (JEITA) and Japan communication information network industry (CIAJ), The exhibition has become the largest, largest and most cutting-edge world-class exhibition in the electronic field in Asia. Next, let's take a look with the top ten overseas activity planning companies!


      On October 15, 2019, CEATEC opened at muzhang International Center in Chiba county. Many Japanese science and technology enterprises showed visitors 5g applications, Internet of things technology and artificial intelligence, and described the scene of "super intelligent society".

      The theme of this exhibition is "connecting society and creating the future". Japan's major technology companies, including Kyocera, Mitsubishi Electric, Sony and Japan Electric Corporation, have brought their latest technologies. For example, Japan Electric Corporation showed you the latest technologies related to smart city, including artificial intelligence analysis technology, the latest face and fingerprint recognition technology and street lamps using 5g technology. Sony showed the latest medical technology products such as surgical microscope that can support high-definition three-dimensional imaging, and Mitsubishi Electric showed a concept car equipped with a variety of artificial intelligence assisted driving technologies.


      In 2016, the Japanese government proposed to build the world's leading "super intelligent society" in order to enable people to enjoy higher quality services and convenient life through the maximum use of information and communication technology. Therefore, CEATEC, which originally focused on digital home appliances, has become a comprehensive exhibition depicting a "super intelligent society".

      The above is the activity plan with rich foreign experience. The company introduces the relevant information of Japan High Tech Expo.


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