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      Europe Advertising media company丨Basel 2021 art exhibition

      Basel 2021 art exhibition Basel exhibition was successfully held from September 24 to 26 local time. Mark Spiegler, global director of Basel art exhibition, also shared with you some highlights of this Basel exhibition, including the "City Tour" unit of sculpture all over Basel, the "infinite image" unit of 62 large installations and sculpture works, etc. Let the recommended activity execution company in Europe take you to this Basel art exhibition.


      This year's Basel exhibition attracted more than 200 art galleries from 33 countries to exhibit in the exhibition areas of "features", "edition", "galleries" and "statements", of which 24 art galleries were exhibited for the first time this year, It accounts for one tenth of the total number of participating art galleries. These new galleries have brought works focusing more on art historical materials, including mignoni Gallery in New York, Ben Brown Gallery in London and Hong Kong and Cardi Gallery in Milan. At the same time, some of the 24 galleries also focus on contemporary art, such as Bodega and company in New York, emalin in London and Isla florente in Buenos Aires.


      Like this year's Basel art exhibition in Hong Kong, this Basel exhibition is a hybrid, which sets up online and physical booth exhibition halls at the same time. In addition, the exhibition also provides a joint booth, which can be shared by two or more galleries. At the same time, it also has a "satellite booth", so that those gallery owners and staff who can't come to the exhibition site can communicate with collectors around the world through the tablet computers on the booth.


      This is the specific situation of 2021 Basel art exhibition summarized by the activity planning company in Europe. I hope it will be helpful to you.


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