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      overseas Conference Service Company丨Cheongju Craft Biennale

      On November 17, 2019, the 11th Qingzhou craft Biennale was held in Qingzhou culture factory C, South Korea, and many other pavilions in Qingzhou City. It exhibited about 2000 works of leading and emerging artists, as well as the contemporary value and traditional beauty of crafts.

      The 2019 Qingzhou craft Biennale includes five major exhibitions, three special exhibitions, invited country exhibitions and international competitions, mainly displaying the works of about 1200 artists from 36 countries. Let the activity plan companies with high overseas evaluation take you to review it!


      The theme of this Biennale is "dreaming of crafts of the future: mongyudowon unfolds". The painting of sleepwalking in Taoyuan was created by artist Ahn gyeon (An Jian) in 1447. It is one of the best paintings of the Korean Li Dynasty.

      As the first Biennale focusing on Technology in the world, Qingzhou technology Biennale opened in 1999.

      The main and special exhibitions exhibit wood, ceramics, fabrics, glass and metal products from more than 200 artists. The organizers said that these exhibits show the experimental spirit and diversity of today's technology, and seek the harmony between aesthetics and practical value, tradition and modernity.


      The exhibition hall of the invited countries is to display the handicrafts of 200 artists from China, Hungary, ten ASEAN countries and Denmark.

      The 2019 Qingzhou craft Biennale also held educational activities, crafts fairs and symposiums on a series of topics, including future crafts in the era of technological change.

      This is the 2019 Qingzhou craft Biennale summarized by large foreign event process planning companies. Do you know it clearly?


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