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      Indian Creative program company丨Indonesian national sports week

      Indonesia national sports week (hereinafter referred to as "PON") has ended with brilliant achievements on October 15, 2021. Next, let the reliable activity design company in the India introduce this year's PON to you!

      From October 2 to 15, 2021, the 20th PON was held in Papua for the first time. Although there are some challenges in geographical location, this national sports event in Indonesia has promoted the attention of the outside world to the great potential and advantages of Papua, and conveyed the message of Indonesia's unity and mutual assistance to everyone throughout the country.

      Papua's outstanding performance is reflected in the infrastructure of multiple international standards. Various venues, including a shooting range, an indoor and outdoor hockey field, a water venue and a cricket court, have been built in chayapula, the capital city of Papua province, and PON venues in three other regions: Mimika County, malaoch county and jayapula county.


      The main venue of PON, the opening venue Lukas enembe stadium, covers an area of 13 hectares and can accommodate about 40000 spectators. It is one of the best stadiums in the Asia Pacific region.

      This year's PON successfully brought together more than 200 small, medium and micro enterprises from chayapula local community through the cooking and handicraft market around the sports venues.

      It is known from foreign professional large-scale event companies that PON's small, medium-sized and micro enterprise market has reached a daily transaction volume of more than 80 million Indonesian rupees, reaching one billion Indonesian rupees at the end of the event.

      During the PON period, the government also launched the Papua tourism application for scenic spot promotion and regional introduction to help regional tourism development, including historical tourism, cultural tourism and natural tourism. This application is also a platform for online sales of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises.


      With the end of this national sports event in Indonesia, Papua province is now fully prepared to welcome more tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hometown of blissful birds.

      The above is the introduction of PON brought by the reliable activity design company in India.


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