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      On October 19, 2021, the 7th Global UWB Summit Forum (hereinafter referred to as "ubbf 2021") opened in Dubai. The forum was jointly organized by the United Nations broadband Commission and Huawei. As the world's largest summit in the fixed network field, this year, with the theme of "connection +, new growth", the forum invited the world's leading equipment manufacturers and operators to jointly discuss the themes of regional digital economy, expanding industrial growth space, network infrastructure construction and successful application of solutions Case sharing and business cooperation promotion. Next, let's learn about ubbf 2021 with a trusted event planning company in Europe.


      This ubbf lasted two days, during which several keynote speeches on fixed network and synchronous sub forums were held. Professionals from academia, enterprises, operators and the government conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges at this forum, and shared successful cases and their views on the current situation and new challenges of UWB network development.

      In 2014, in order to promote the sustainable development of the global UWB fixed network industry, Huawei, together with the broadband Committee (jointly established by UNESCO and ITU National Telecommunication Union) and regional representative operators, proposed to hold the global UWB Summit Forum for the first time, in order to build a forum focusing on UWB, cross-border cooperation, sharing experience A high-level dialogue platform for common development will release the energy of UWB to the greatest extent and realize the tripartite benefits of content providers, consumers and operators in the development of UWB.


      So far, ubbf has been held for seven consecutive sessions, becoming a wind vane for the development of UWB industry and leading the development of national fixed network industry.

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