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      The Los Angeles Auto Show, a leading on-site activity organization of automobile and lifestyle, recently announced that the first zero emission award has now been open to public voting. The award will focus on more than 90 new zero emission vehicles that are now available for sale or scheduled and meet California standards. Listen to the American professional public relations planning company!

      The event will invite car enthusiasts in Los Angeles and other regions. The latter influential car buyers will vote for their latest nine categories of zero emission vehicles, including crossover, coupe, van, truck, compact car, running utility vehicle and hatchback / van / station wagon. Voting was closed two days ago.9fd3381efb2f54f6f04ff0e62e1be568.jpg

      The birth of zero emission bonus comes from the growing interest of consumers in trams. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Auto Show conducted a survey, and most people expressed interest in learning about zero emission vehicles. As California and the United States move towards the goal of zero emissions, this similar auto show award program can evaluate the views of American consumers on the electric vehicle market and top car purchases.

      Many of the world's top zero emission vehicles will appear at the highly anticipated Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The finalists of the zero row award will be announced in early November, and the winners will be announced on November 16. Nominees, finalists and winners will be invited to participate in the exclusive celebration of zero emission award on the 17th at the Los Angeles Auto Show media and industry day.85e88db4d9661a0b94628e7f0ac4827c.jpg

      The Los Angeles Auto Show will be open to the public at the Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Center from November 19 to 28.

      The above is the latest news about the Los Angeles Auto Show explained by a professional public relations planning company in the United States.


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